Tonight at work, this guy came in and asked to talk to a manger - which just happened to be me. He told me about how he was with this non-profit group, that had been traveling for a few weeks now, and that they were a little tight on cash. They had about $30 to spend on food, but he was wondering if we could help them out, somehow let them have more than what they could pay for.

To me, he seemed to be very honest and I was compelled to help them out. I told him that he could bring in his group (only six people), and we’ll get them taken care of for dinner. The looks in his eyes when I said yes made me want to adopt about fifty puppies, he looked so happy.

As a manager, I have full authority to comp meals (meaning, I can give them away for free, if you will,). But, I do not, however, have the authority to make these kinds of decisions (as in, who does and does not get a full complimentary meal).

So, I paid for their meal out of my own pocket. I wouldn’t even accept the $30 they did have. 

Tonight, I received six hugs from complete strangers and the above picture of a monkey. They asked one of my employees how to spell my name (they were being sneaky) and then they all signed the back, telling me how awesome I am and thank you so much.

Honestly, tonight was the best night I’ve had in a long time, and I owe it all to these six strangers coming into work and giving me the opportunity to do something so completely nice.